Vintage Crochet Hearts – Free Crochet Pattern

A good way to give a gift to someone special is to do this beautiful job. Make a beautiful heart wreath for you to put on your robe. You can make them to beautify your baby blanket, you can even make the hearts are rainbow colors making your garland beautiful for a beautiful baby.

Add beautiful gerbera flowers to your hearts for an extra touch of elegance.

One thing that always reminded me of faded crochet cloths was to use colors with neutral tones, as was the cream color on the edges. The pattern of this beautiful model was called Vintage Crochet Hearts.

This is just an inspirational model for you. We really want you to have fun with your best color combinations.

I hope you have fun with its beautiful and beautiful combinations and that you can impress your friends and family.

I believe you already have your exact place where to put, and also where to work. Don’t forget that you need a place that is well lit and very quiet so you can have full attention to your pattern.

Thanks to Annie from for making the full pattern available free of charge to everyone. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful pattern to give away or give your home a different look.

In our menu you will find several patterns like this one to learn. Always be going there to stay on top of all the news we bring you. We appreciate your preference and look forward to seeing you on our next adventure. Thanks.

Pattern Free: Vintage Crochet Hearts


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