Traditional Sunflower Quilt Block

How not to look at this quilt and not fall in love with it, a work that was very well done and that turned out to be very beautiful, a perfection. I’m learning more every day with this pattern and that’s why I wanted to share it with you because I know you’ll like it as much as I do.

 done by Elaine Huff, which caught my full attention and as soon as I saw this pattern that was very well done with all good taste and affection, I started to study it immediately .

I keep thinking how this pattern was made, colors, designs, and details that will give it a very special touch and I’m very anxious to start soon, I’m studying a lot and getting deeper and deeper to make it perfect.

I’m very observant and that’s why I chose exactly this pattern, I’m learning more every day and I confess that I’m falling more and more in love, I’m very excited to see it ready.

Elaine Huff was the author of this incredible work and done with all affection and dedication, excellent work, I’m simply delighted, she knew how to make a pattern that really caught attention with its beauty.

Whenever I choose a job, I like to delve deeper so that when I start it comes out exactly perfect. I like to choose even the place where I will work, I choose a quiet place and that is well in peace so that everything goes according to the pattern I chose.

I want this pattern to be exactly the same, with colors and designs, I really liked the colors will match perfectly with this pattern and so it became a unique and exuberant work.

Elaine Huff, I really want to thank you for making this magnificent work available, a pattern that I learned a lot from him and without a doubt everything came out perfect.

Pattern free: Traditional Sunflower Quilt Block

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