Star Quilt – Free Pattern

This pretty quilt is actually very contemporary even more with these beautiful colors combined that much but it is something very relative you can play with the colors and put those of your preference that gets even more to your face. To do this is very simple, you only need a good free time, both to organize the patchwork and to develop your quilt. The main tip is that you use any patch of fabric you have in your house, it may be patchwork fabrics or plain knit fabrics. This idea of you renovating any furniture of your home with a different detail that is not so ordinary but very beautiful and fits perfectly into everything.

Plus a beautiful star quilt and Pinwheels that combine to make special days or even give gifts to those who love each other. The star bedspread is in actual size. This beautiful holiday star bedspread is perfect for Christmas. The final size is 83 “x 83” with finished blocks 25 (12 “). Made by Gerri Robinson and recommended by the Fons & Porter Quarter Seam Inch Marker.

Patchwork quilts are very warm and also decorative for the home, and with it makes it very beautiful and useful. Many women make a big income from sales in patchwork quilts, it’s a really cool thing for lovers of this kind of work.

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