Star Block Quilt – Tutorial

I love quilt block star. The bold white stars shine on a lush background in this exciting quilt. Although your bed is a cot or bedspread quilt, you can increase the size to decorate your bed. Choose the fabrics and colors you love and your finished quilt is safe to get attention, whichever size you make.There’s no secret to making the bedspread, it’s easy to build. Just organize flap squares and star blocks in an appealing pattern. Keep the background squares fairly close in terms of value for the pop stars.The bedspread is built on a grid of 5 1/2 “squares.

The size of the finished quilt is not provided, but it seems to be about 40 “x 60”. That’s easy to get. Just add more blocks, continuing the overall design, until you have the desired size. It’s a charm design that already is used for Christmas. And beyond all the quilt provides you with beautiful results and often with cheap labor. The practicality is incredible because you can use old fabrics or those you love but do not use more, of these if they make beautiful works. With this, many women make quilting their income, which is wonderful to work with something you love and still take money, the quilting is taking place every day more. Look at the step by step good work. Kisses.

Star Block Quilt > pattern free

Is ideal to decorate or warm up at any time of the year, especially in winters that are quite cold but remembering that the patchwork quilts can also have a thicker lining, to warm during the cold and to be used the whole year and not only during the summer, and the size is also optional (single or double bedspread).


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