Spinning Star Table Quilting

Today we here on the site prepared a matter of a very beautiful pattern and that has charmed everyone. Easy level for intermediate, but everything that is done with a lot of whim, dedication and based on practice time you can do the patterns. Here on our site you will fall in love with the pattern of quilt and crochet that we leave here with so much affection to increase the knowledge of you. Today the standard is on quilt or also known as patchwork, this type of work for those who do not know is a different craft technique. 

It is a craft that is made by joining the pieces of fabric geometrically by sewing with the hand or the machine thus producing decorative pieces or utilities. The beautiful patten I brought to you is the so-called Spinning Star Table Topper. He is a standard Oregon Treasures, the result of it always enchants with the drawing that forms. It is perfect in bedspreads and can make the center with this pattern and spruce as you wish. I hope you like this pattern that is making success and I’m sure your pieces will also be successful. Ready? So lets start this new project!

Size of Pattern 

The size of your pattern will depend on what you are doing so by counting how many squares to use by adjusting the quantity or making the pattern smaller in size or making it wider or narrower. Just be careful to make everyone the same size, cut equal so that it is not different and to realize. Use a ribbon or ruler to mark the dimensions to make it easier to stay symmetrical and align the right size.

If choosing to make a quilt, blanket and want to increase the size is simple to solve. It is only to increase the amount of squares that are to unite, finishing you will see how beautiful the result, it is incredible and delicate a perfect work of art. The designer of this pattern is like an illusion of the block being run, because of the overlapping blocks, and with that combination is a fantastic result.

This pattern is lovely and can be used as the centerpiece of a beautiful quilt or you can make a beautiful centerpiece to make your table even more beautiful and the atmosphere welcoming. It may seem difficult to do because of its appearance but this pattern is very easy and simple to do. I’m sure that when you start sewing the first few squares you’ll see that it’s simple and you’ll start to practice sewing it and be easier. This pattern combines and is used for all seasons.

The colors you can choose vary in the color of the decoration where you place it, or make that color pattern. Look good and beautiful in any color so choose a color of your choice and enjoy! It is a lot of fun and we can make several variations so each project done having a new experience in a creative way.


 – Choose the quality fabrics;
– Wash and wipe all fabrics before using so helping in sewing;
– Choose neutral colors or without mixing many colors as a color, so it does not tire much.

If you like then enjoy and do a beautiful piece right now. Below is the link of this pattern with the written step-by-step and all the information explaining the process. Good work to all of you and we are in the next pattern.

Pattern Free ➥ Spinning Star Table Quilting

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