Scrappy Star Log Cabin Quilt

In today’s material, we will learn this beautiful pattern that can be made and used in different ways, like a blanket, tablecloth and quilts in different ways. Just use your creativity well and go beyond your imagination. Don’t just watch and admire beautiful work like these and start believing in yourself and put your beautiful work into practice, and always happily develop your skills.

I have no doubts that this beautiful pattern will awaken in you what was needed to be more curious and go deeper into this world of crafts. It seems difficult and very complicated, but I know that if you pay close attention to your tutorial and do it with patience and a lot of love, the ending will be amazing.

This Scrappy Log Cabin pattern is one of the most beautiful to make. Hope this sparks more love and more desire to learn.

This job requires a lot of colors, so choose according to your taste and preference so you don’t regret it at the end of the job. Don’t forget to do this very calmly and carefully.

Use your creativity to add elegance to your environment. We have many ways to be decorating. This pattern is very nice to make because you learn having fun. As the work progresses, you will see the result and this will awaken a very good feeling and greatly increase the desire to continue and reach the end.

This pattern particularly for me is one of the loveliest and coolest to make. What fascinates me most about it is the intercalation of colors it provides. That’s why I tell you to use your creativity and imagination well, so I know that the ending will be perfect.

Pay close attention to the video lesson Eleanor Burns gives us for free.

I hope you enjoyed it and do your beautiful work and in the future show us so we can see her skills.

Video lesson made by Eleanor Burns for free. Scrappy Star Log Cabin Quilt

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