Scrappy Butterfly Quilt

How perfect. Butterflies are wonderful with magnificent colors. This is the pattern we can’t help but do, designed by Connie Kresin Campbell and completely complete and free for everyone.

I always look for more opportunities to make patterns like this, I feel great doing it and I’m sure you will feel the same. If you have the opportunity to do it, don’t waste time and make one with the colors you like and your preference.

I made mine with leftovers from old works and I really liked the result I got. I had a perfect color combination that gave the butterflies a unique charm. This gave my room a lot of elegance and I had many friends who are starting to make this pattern.

I preferred to do it in patchwork to be able to take advantage of my fabrics and also to discover new color combinations. It’s always good to mix it up and try to discover something new, so you take advantage of another pattern and can come up with new ideas for it.

This would be perfect in your daughter’s room, I think it’s really cute to decorate the room. But you can also use it in a men’s room, and for that you should choose very pleasant colors such as blue, green, red. Dark colors that give a more masculine touch.

Your environment must have the perfect lighting, so you can see and pay attention to every point of your pattern. Every detail is important, so first of all review and adjust your environment.

This is a pattern that will stand out well in your collection, as it is a work that draws a lot of attention from those who see it. I particularly love admiring my work when I get home, it’s something that makes me happy and inspires me a lot to make other patterns.

Through this model you will acquire the will and curiosity to learn other similar patterns to add to your collection and even to complete your decoration. Although it is a seemingly simple pattern, it demands more from your attention and dedication so all care and attention is not enough to get an amazing result.

Also great for you to gift someone special, like a nephew and even the son of a special friend of yours. Start your work subtly with your favorite colors and the end will be perfect. This is a very charming and very friendly pattern for a beautiful package. If you don’t have any leftovers, buy the fabrics you like the most and start your pattern now.

The coolest thing about this pattern is that you can mix several quilts into one. Making a unique and perfect work yours alone, pleasing any type of person who is seeing it or who will receive it as a gift. You can also use this as a way to earn extra income, being able to accept custom orders and spread your love and dedication through your work, arousing more interest in other people and even in you to want to produce more.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you come to make yours too. We really appreciate your visit and hope to see you in the next article. Thanks

Pattern Free: Scrappy Butterfly Quilt

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