Sanctuary Quilt

This is just one more of the beautiful works done by Maureen Cracknell. This model was made for Live art Gallery Fabrics Studio, which was showcasing the beautiful Homebody collection. The pattern of this beautiful work is freely available for everyone to be learning and performing.

In this pattern you, in addition to learning a new job, will also acquire a lot of experience where you can take advantage of this to be able to make other beautiful patterns.

Here in this pattern you will spend very little to be able to start your work, as the cost to buy your material is much cheaper than any other pattern you would make.

The colors don’t have to be exactly like the ones in the model, you can change them according to your taste or according to your desired environment.

I particularly love dark colors mixed with a few light colors highlighting them, but you will do it your way, the way you always dreamed of doing it.

When doubts arise, don’t worry, because doubts arise all the time, and if you keep calm and calmly analyze the pattern, you will clear all your doubts and still have good ideas.

This beautiful pattern is available for free thanks to Maureen Cracknell. A pattern that will undoubtedly add a lot to your collection and especially to your knowledge.

I hope you enjoy this pattern a lot and that you are always checking our menu to stay on top of all the news we will bring you.

The link is attached to the title below. Click on it and get access to the completely complete and free pattern. Thanks and until our next adventure.

Free Pattern: Sanctuary Quilt

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