Rabbit Easter Pattern

Patchwork or Quilt as you know it, is a craft technique for working with patchwork of fabrics, which gives the artisan the creation of beautiful crafts that succeed wherever they go and enchant everyone. There are several jobs that can be done with quitl, many things like quilts, blankets, wall decor, and also various themes, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, children’s day, and even Easter. As Easter is a coming date we will talk about work done for that date. It can do various jobs like easter bunnies, easter eggs, basket of eggs, carrots anyway whatever you want to do to decorate. You can even use the art to decorate the comfortable of the house.

For the arrival of Easter with these beautiful crafts, especially when you have children, to play. Craft is indicated as being a great hobby, in addition to occupying the mind with something productive you still end the activity with a unique and unique piece in hand made by you. And doing an Easter crafts in patchwork will guarantee beyond all that has already been mentioned, a lot of beauty for your home, as it will result in a beautiful cushion, plus you can gift friends or family members who visit your home or even sell this handicraft. If you are already preparing for Easter, you can not miss this tip.


Today’s pattern as we are in this easter mood getting ready, I bring a pattern of easter bunny to spruce up your home and even play with your kids or grandchildren or nephews. Thus making your every day more characteristic for that date and making it more fun for children. You can make the rabbits the color you prefer and like, plain colors or drawn fabrics. It may also be that each group performs all aspects of change as bands in the middle of each rabbit.

Leave a template in the photo above to inspire any template you can make. Enjoy this Easter to do something different in the decoration of your house: you can leave scattered decorative eggs or rabbits in every house or yard, at your dining table ie where you want to decorate or surprise. The beautiful idea of ​​the season are these handmade woven bunny rabbits, using the idea of ​​patchwork, which are a breeze and catch the eye of any visitor.

In addition to brightening the environment, they also symbolize a time of renewal, of hope, and they are a great charm to your living room. If you prefer you can put appliques or other patchwork and decorate as you wish. Create some different models and be inspired and enchanted by all! A couple of patchwork bunnies that sweeps the couch, a table, in a special corner of the house or, if you are a piece of sand, they will become one. pair of great weight of the door! These bunnies are a good option to sell because they are laborious and beautiful.

If you work with sales you can make various colors and decorations so you can reach the taste of all types of customers, increasing sales. I really liked this pattern, very beautiful and delicate can do according to taste. The size depends on what you will want to do, can make up the separate rabbits and decorate with it alone, I find very cute rabbits in the decoration. Use the rabbit’s way to do it alone and also to do on the big quilt.

If you liked and want to do, below you will find the link with the step by step writing of that pattern that was where I found it. You have the step by step and the photos of how each step is going. Hope you like it and see the next pattern.

Pattern Written ☛ Step by step Rabbit Easter Pattern


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