Quilt with fun flowers – Pattern

In the middle of the 50’s, as always flowers in evidence on the patchwork. We see that quilts in style always elevate the Seamstress’s self-esteem and beauty and the environment in which the quilt will be placed. You may notice that the quilt is simple and is not difficult to complete, knowing it is a new Always and a challenge that brings motivation and joy while working.

The greatest joy and satisfaction in when we can see the end of the finished work, because you will have a quilt for the rest of your life. We can observe that the flowers must be very careful to put on and apply. It should be applied and created with manual and fuse. Also we can see that the curved ring is applied and thus complete the work according to the comment.

Let’s watch the video that tells us how to organize, cut and mark a curved edge, helping us to start our beautiful design which is a beautiful quilt with fun and colorful flowers. Quilt with flowers is by designer Cynthia L. Gone. A Concluded quilt is 72 “x 93”. I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful patchwork project because our goal is to share everything that brings us joy and satisfaction.

Video Home quilt flowers
I get the full pattern

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