Quilt Modern Dresden Plate

Today we have another beautiful quilt to present to you. It will definitely add a pop touch to your decor, be it in the living room or in your bedroom, making it look beautiful. We have already shown you a beautiful quilt that features a wonderful designer of leaves that give many options of bold fabrics that allows many modifications in your technique. In this quilt today, we are going to show you another excellent way for you to incorporate yet another very modern design from Dresden.

In the quilt below, one of the most traditional designs of the Dresden plaques will be presented. They have one more of the characteristic points at the most ends of the shims. By making some basic modifications, you end up making the traditional become modern.

Numerous variations will appear in the very modern Dresden blocks, as many become family heirlooms.  One of the traditions is 18 leggings that is a legacy passed on to its new generation that adds a very fun touch to the Dresden block. To create this Dresden petal wheel, you need to use one of the easy to master paper application methods for freezing.

 This is one of the most fantastic designs, great for gifts, and also some very exclusive for many families. All these patterns make me happy and at peace, I do everything with dedication and a lot of love, it is worth the delay and all the effort. I’ll give you a simple tip.

Take 5 fabrics of your color, and 1 more of white background. All the tools used to create the patchwork are the Quilt Creation Model – Collection Dresden. With 12 “a40” plate options.

Sew on a layer and cut the cross strips so that you create the beautiful umbrellas. In the book Sew Grand Dresden Quilts, all the exact cutting instructions are provided.

With a lot of boldness, make a very modern update, thus making countless varieties of designrs Dresden license plates being a single model. They are infinite and many variations of the sizes. If desired, you can mix and match the edge finish by sewing the boards on the machine. We have many different ways to make quilt with pieces of fabric. The most simple and used in general, it is suitable for beginners as well as for veterans.

Below, we will leave the attached link of the free and complete pattern for you to make this wonderful quilt.

Quilt modern Dresden Plate Patter Free

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