Quilt Black Licorice

From last month until now I’ve been working hard on this quilt. I was intending to make it for myself, but I decided to make it for an aunt of mine. I’m doing it with completely different colors from the model in the photo, I selected the colors my aunt likes the most and I’m doing it.

All blocks must be cut to a size of 2″ x 2 1/2″ and must be finished to 1 1/2″ x2″. Mine am using a wide variety of solids, and all of them from the trash. Since it’s all patchwork, there won’t be any strips here. The model is made with black fabric, black Kona cotton, with a combination of Moda bella gelatin strips and all are leftovers. I expected a little bigger pieces, but they are much smaller than I thought, but for my project I’m looking for a 60 “x72” quilt. I’m very happy because I’m already well advanced, practically half way through.

This beautiful quilt is made up of beautiful 1554 rectangles that end in 1 1/2″x2. That’s a lot of pieces, even for a professional. Lots of solids from different manufacturers were used. Cottons and some linens were used to give a better texture, and you won’t recognize it if you don’t get very close. I particularly love quilts with these types of details. Another thing I love is the slightly darker stains that are scattered all over the place that create a very subtle and pretty random cross every time you see it from afar.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of quilting on this one… a black X can be noticed in each rectangle. I ended up making an X in all the black rectangles, so when I first quilted looking at it it didn’t even look like it had been quilted. I ended up going back and adding quilting to almost all of my colored rectangles. It may have even taken a little longer, but in my opinion it was one of the right choices!

I love the perfect combinations! I really wanted to use Kona Marine to make the binding, so when I went shopping I soon found this beautiful black and blue ball at SR Harris, I already knew it was “the only one” for my support, so I bought it right away.

This quilt measures 63″ x 72″. Ending up using this background in black turned out not to be a good idea for me, but I like to try new things. I’m not happy as I wanted to be, but I liked the result I got.

Good. now i hope you come to make a beautiful quilt too, with the colors you love the most. As always I want to thank you for being with us once again and for your preference on our site. We also want to thank Crazy Mom Quilts for providing us with the pattern of this beautiful quilt. Thank you and until our next beautiful quilt. The pattern is attached in the title below at the end of this article.

Pattern Free: Quilt Black Licorice

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