Movement in Squares Quilt

Today we are going to discover another great pattern to add to your beautiful collection. This is a patterned, moving square quilt was made by Susan H. Designed by Wendy Sheppard for the beautiful Op Art Reflections fabric from Benartex. You will get good experience with this pattern. Besides being very beautiful, it is also easy to make.

This is a job that requires a little more attention and patience to get a perfect result. Although it’s easy, you need to pay close attention because it has a lot of detail to be watching and analyzing.

After analyzing and studying well, you need to arrange the space where you will work. Be sure to check your lighting as it is very important, keep it well organized so that you have a good space to work and don’t get in the way during the work.

Rest assured in the matter of material, as the material required to carry out this work is quite low compared to other standards.

You will have a lot of fun doing this work, and I hope you can show it to all your friends and family to always enhance our art that is quilting.

We want to thank Susan H so much for providing the complete pattern of this beautiful work. Use the colors you like, you don’t have to do it exactly like this on the model. Leave your work with very cheerful colors to give peace and elegance to your environment.

Click on the title at the end of the article to have your access to the complete and free pattern.

I hope you enjoyed and enjoy this beautiful pattern. Be sure to always check our menu to be always on top of all the news. Thank you for your preference for our site, and see you in our next article.

Free Pattern: Movement in Squares Quilt

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