Lovely Snowflake Afghan Cover

These snowflakes are like beautiful flowers of ice! The Afghan snowflake is a classic Christmas. Free Christmas crochet patterns are what make the holiday season. This pattern of snowflake crochet is the perfect reflection of one of the wonders of winter. It uses half double crochet to get these cool hexagonal motifs. When all your friends and family are at home on vacation, they are sure to be competing for this amazing crochet blanket pattern.

It fits perfectly in any era but is more used in Christmas times. Although beautiful is a great gift idea for friends, family (any kind of person will love). Its decoration leaves the house too cozy and can be placed in various places of the house, like on your sofa or even on top of your bed, it is simply beautiful. The colors also vary are usually blue with white but you can use your color preference, vele use your creativity. We can not deny that this type of cover is different, so if you want something different it fits very well! good job.

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covered in croche is the peak of demand for crochet lovers, and of course we can not deny how beautiful they are, as well as being warm and cozy, which makes it the perfect combination.

“Snowflake Afghan” – Video

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