Lisbon Tile Quilt Block

Today you will learn a little more about crafts. This is only for all lovers of crafts that love to make works of immense standards that have an incredible and wonderful end result. This great final result awakens a great desire and determination to improve your beautiful work and acquire countless experiences. The Patchwork technique is so beautiful and delicious to do, because it makes us create ideas that make the joining of different types of cutouts become a wonderful quilt

If you are a beginner in this art, we will make sure you get to know it in the best way and we are sure you will like it. This stripped-down technique has the trend in your room-to-room decor. Today’s work was designed by Jo Avery, a tile block from Lisbon.

We are going to give you some options here that you can choose to use to create this technique:

Bags, Bags;

Curtains, cushions;

Notebooks or books, calendar covers;

American game;

Bed covers;

Cup cloths

Numerous cut squares, measured in the same pattern on different fabrics. So choose with calm, attention and creativity to get a beautiful job. Measure each square correctly, so that you have a beautiful and very correct finish. We recommend you use 100% cotton, but for this you need to wash it to use it in your beautiful handicrafts.

Complete pattern available from Joe Avery: Quilt Tile Block


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