Jelly Roll Sizzle Shortcut Quilt

Hello dear readers, I’m back with more news. Today we are going to learn how to make an indispensable piece in any home. In winter it is very used and desired by everyone, to have a good night’s sleep you need to be well wrapped in a nice duvet.

For regions where winter temperatures are cooler, sleepless nights call for a cozy duvet. The duvet has the same function as a blanket, but it warms up much more due to its thicker thickness and the material used to fill it, bringing softness and comfort to your family.

Many also choose to line their bed with the most varied pieces of duvet, we have on the market today numerous references, models, prints and different sizes, we can sew for all tastes in sizes for baby, single, couple, queen and king.

First you need to know the size of the duvet you are going to work with. Take a sheet or blanket you already use on your bed and use it as a size reference. After that, buy the cotton or microfiber fabric from a specialty store and ask the seller to help you choose the most suitable type of filling for this job.

So let’s focus and use our own taste to make our duvet, we have the thinnest, we have the fluffiest, the furryest, the most voluminous depends on your preference, each person likes a model.
In this project we used a checkered fabric in shades of blue and beige, something more rustic. We will need a lot of patience and love to compose a beautiful and complete piece.

What is the ideal size for the Jelly Roll Sizzle Shortcut Quilt

However, the consumer has an impasse at the time of purchase: either he pays dearly for a piece with good fabric or pays cheaper for a piece whose fabric does not have a soft, satiny and comfortable touch. But now, you who have sewing skills and have a machine at home will be able to make your own comforters for your home and if you wish you can also make them to sell and earn good money. See how to do it, tips to make the work easier and see that the work is really very simple!

We can use a different pattern each week to cover our bed. Of course, when we enter a room, the first thing we notice is if the bed is well covered with a duvet or blanket, so to give that impression we need to choose our bedspread well.

Shortcut Quilt Jelly Roll Sizzle – Conclusion

When we look at the model we can find a difficult and complex service, but following this pattern you will be surprised by your own talent. Just have your biggest ally in this project, which is a sewing machine, with it you can create whatever you want.

Unleash your imagination to make your duvet, choose a beautiful fabric and good work.

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