How to Make Quilt Patchwork on Flowers

Now let’s learn how to make quilts with flower teds following a very simplified step-by-step for both beginners and the more experienced. This type of patchwork quilting with flowers is a way of craftsmanship existing many years ago, since the times of our grandparents, which was created in a more modern way by several women in America during the eighteenth century. At that time began this kind of confection because they reused pieces of clothing, fabric and used to do something more modern and beautiful at the same time. Nowadays this way of preparation has become completely more modern but with the same touch of yesteryear.

If you only have some simple skills to sew, you will find it incredible and easy to do, of course, work and have fun while doing something you love, and leaving the quilt even more to your face, your taste particular. This mini spit was made by Amanda Murphy and is a quick project to do, basically in a few days. This quilt is 20 1/2 “x 20 1/2”. In this type of work it is worth using everything different, any type of fabric (it can be also remnants of old works), any type of color, until its greater creativity!

the more colors you use in your work the more fun and beautiful it will look, as in the photo that was used around more than 20 different colors, gives that fun working effect. But for those who are not fans of many different colors together, the idea of using few colors is also worth it, which is simply incredible.

Pattern of the amanda murphy bedspread
Jenny’s Wallflower Quilt 


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