Florabelle Bloom Quilt – Pattern Free

This wonderful Florabelle Bloom patchwork quilt with flowers and with a simple and standard step-by-step for beginners and also for more experienced girls. The work of patchwork with flowers is a way of craftsmanship that exists a long time more than we imagine, and was created in its form was being improved by the women in America during Century XVIIIe and consequently modernized. This Florabelle Bloom quilt was made by Melissa Corry. The step by step is available for free to all interested parties. This is a job that takes a little more time and needs to be very well observed the simplest details, but rest assured, it is not difficult to do what it looks like.

You can use various fabrics that are from other works that you will not use them for anything else, so there is a nice hint of reuse of material. The good thing about this type of work is that we can not forget to mention it is that it is of low value in manufacturing, since we reuse most of the time what we have at home. It is worth your creativity and still make your home more.

One of the first steps to make this beautiful patchwork is to take all the pieces and then decide the sizes, this varies from person to person, but for beginners the square format is simplified, other formats are usually more difficult. Soon define the size in which you will want your quilt (staff too). It is very important that you put the patchwork on the floor on top of the bedspread and evaluate how it will be ready. These are the top tips for those newbies. Watch the step by step and learn how to do! You will love this type of sewing that has become a trend for all women.

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