Curved Log Cabin Quilt

Well we are here again on our site for all of you. How is your day, I hope everything is fine. As you are already accustomed to every time you see a new post here know that something new and beautiful comes here, so let’s learn another amazing pattern today. I like every time I come here to write to you and share another pattern of this world of crafts. Let’s practice because that is how we will perfect our points and skills. For all those who always search for news, here is a site where you will always find news with patterns, tips, videos tutorials and inspiring photos.

Enjoy everything they offer here for you, as we leave with great affection, I spend some time here to research and write and share with you. I am happy when I receive comments from you that you are able to do the patterns and that through our site you have been able to improve your skills and level of experience. Today our subject will be a quilt that I found very cool the designer who looks like a layman who is joining strips and forms a beautiful geometric drawing.

As I know that you like novelty and that it is easy, that you like it because it is very easy and fast to do as you like. Today’s easy and fast pattern is a known quilt called a Curved Log Cabin. It is a pattern that you are joining strips by strips, pieces by pieces and forming a circle that is the shape of this pattern today, a circle formed by fabrics and a quilt.

Besides being easy to do is fun because you get distracted when joining the relaxed flaps. With new patterns so easy and quick we can get an extra income by selling your works and projects, so being great to have an extra income at the end of the month. It may be a gift option also making this pattern on a cushion cover.

Modes of Making

With this pattern we can do various things like quilts, table paths, wall decor and other details of decoration, in short what you want to put. Choose the color that you prefer, can combine with your decor or not because now is no longer the rule to combine everything. The decoration is free being able to do as you want and can use more than one color of fabric and even coloring. You can make multiple circles or a row as you wish.

A tip for you in these patterns that want to make colorful is to make the pattern in the most fun possible and also playing with the tissues you have already saved that left over from other work, so taking advantage. I simply loved to make this pattern because I played with colors, I could use fabrics I had left over from other jobs so using and saving buy fabric as well. I also liked the way it is made being very easy and fast, being able to make more patterns of it in less time.

If you also like it as soon as I do it right now or save it on your computer to be your next pattern. Below the photo I left a video that explains how does this beautiful pattern. Do not worry because even if you did not have much practice you could do this pattern. Good job and have fun doing.


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