Crochet Snowman Tutorial

Christmas is about to arrive and you already know what your Christmas decoration will be? This date is celebrated in advance for those who make handicrafts, crochet and etc. Many value the decoration to receive friends and family and of course, cheaply that is what we like most beautifully and enjoyable. This date symbolizes the birth of Jesus and this celebration happens more than 1,600 years on December 25 and of course this year we can not fail to honor this beautiful date with a beautiful snowman in crochet.

The snowman, one of the symbols of Christmas, comes from the snow in the northern hemisphere, a place that requires people to live together in the houses, and the Christmas atmosphere is a moment that provides this coexistence, where families gather to fraternize Snowman is a work done and quite companion for the cold days of winter. Regardless of his age, he always falls well (young or old), everyone likes to make snowmen in the winter, but when you are not privileged by snow in your city, it is up to us to do it in a way that gives us. If you are a crochet lover you will love this step by step how to do it. They are ideal designs for holidays, Christmas decorations and holiday decorations and it’s very cool to be given as a gift to someone special like this beautiful doll made by Nancy Anderson.

Standard in full pdf snowman 

In cold countries, children leave during the day to produce the snowman. They put two large balls of snow under one another, a scarf, a carrot to make a nose, a hat, oranges to make eyes and twigs to serve as feet and hands.



How to crochet the snowman


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