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Another Christmas is coming and we are already beginning to worry about the decoration that we are going to make for this special day. The artisans always enrich the date which is much celebrated all over the world. Crocodile-loving men are already excited about new designs for the day, and many girls use snowmen with an interesting pattern that makes the crochet snowmen look wonderful. This date is commemorated the birth of Jesus and this celebration takes place over 2000 years on December 25 and of course this year we can not fail to honor this beautiful encounter with a beautiful snowman in crochet with a different touch.

One of the symbols of Christmas is the snowman, which comes from the Northern Hemisphere origin where people live in community that is a picture of the true feeling of Christmas. The crochet snowman eontem a standard in PDF that will direct you to complete this beautiful work. Original work is by BARBARA VOELKER. Do not stress your experience in crochet, standard p is simple even for those starting in the crochet. Usually everyone loves crochet dolls but especially the snow crochet doll by the date we will be celebrating.
You who love crochet, you will love this to follow this pattern. This cute snow crochet doll was made by Barbara Voelker.

Children in colder countries play and play with the snowman. They are very creative, they form two huge snowballs and place one under the other, a carrot to make a nose, a hat, a handkerchief, oranges to make eyes and sticks to serve as feet and hands. It is indeed a time of joy and hope;

Pattern Free Snowman PDF

Amigurumi Tutorial- Snowman Crochet
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