Crochet Pattern Virus

Welcome to our website, a site where you can find many new features and many incredible jobs. Here you feel the desire to search and happy because you know what you like will always have the standard available for free. Nothing here is charged, available only to everyone, like me, who loves the craft being quilt or crochet, we have two options here on our site. I am sure you will like the standards we have available, we are always bringing news every week to update the site for you and also increase your knowledge and consequently with practice increases your skills and experiences, becoming better at what you do.

We are a site that always updates with the news that circulates on the internet and in the exhibitions. Enjoy each pattern because it is an opportunity to know more and more about what it does. We have many tips, standards, step-by-step graphics and video tutorials. We should always be in search of news and update, because every day they create a new standard and especially those who sell their parts should get out of fashion and captivate their customers. If you are like me, then do not waste time, take your materials and we will.

Today’s pattern I bring to you is from a well-known point called Virus, it is a pattern practiced by crocheteras, if you have not already done this pattern do not waste time. It is easy and beautiful to do, the result is simply beautiful. It is widely used in shawls, once made up a competition of who made the most beautiful shawl with that point. The Virus Shawl is practiced for years and after being created, we no longer leave, that love at first sight by the pattern.

We can use this pattern for many jobs, one of them being the shawl, but can also be used to make sofa blankets, baby blankets, blankets, pillow cases, eyewear covers, table path, napkin bar, cloth, anyway we can do many things and what the imagination commands. Sometimes we have an old piece and we want to innovate, this point is incredible to innovate that piece that does not sell from your store, or a piece that already nauseated and wants to innovate and stay new again.

I always wanted to have several shawls and if I could of all colors, because they are beautiful and are easy to do. It fits in with everything, I also like quilt with them, it looks really beautiful.

Choosing the Colors

About the colors is quite free, but we should see what we will do first, whether it will be a quilt or whether it will be a baby blanket because if it is for baby falls better a lighter color softer if it is a shawl a more color dark combining with the cold and autumn. If you are going to make a quilt it is usually neutral color or matching with the decoration, but remembering that you can do according to what you prefer, your way. I think the colors blended, give a very elegant touch.

Well no more, let’s start producing it is not it, get your materials and below I leave the graphic available and also the video tutorial where explains how to make that point. Enjoy and make beautiful pieces.


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