Crochet Meringue Blanket

Hello crochet friends, welcome to our website, here where we share with you all the news of this wonderful world of crafts. We must always update ourselves to know the news because every day a new pattern comes up, new point, parts innovation and many very important tips, so whenever I look on the internet about new patterns I find many beautiful things. After all I think we’ll never know everything because there’s always something new. As good craftsmen we should always practice because practice leads to perfection and increases our abilities. Many people crochet to have extra income at the end of the month.

This is great, because you do what you love and you can still have an income and it. Today I am going to share with you in this post a very beautiful patten that I am delighted every time I see a job using this point that is the so-called Crochet Meringue. This point is well known, if you have not done it yet, this is the time because it is much used and practiced. If you sell your pieces you can not stand without doing this piece, I’m sure you’ll love all that show and sell. If you want to know more just keep reading and let’s go for another pattern.

The Meringue pattern is well known and practiced on baby garments. The point has the designer of a cascade or a type of scales that I find very beautiful the final result, a very elegant model. The end result is the one I left in the photo for you as a color model as well that you can do. The size of your work depends on what you want to do with this pattern, we can do various things, everything we imagine.

Good crochet is that we can do as we want so leaving more original, we learn the point and make beautiful pieces can change size when you want. If you want a quilt, you must make several stitches and continuations until you reach the size you prefer, making the stitches as you wish. Quilt size varies greatly as it depends on the size of your bed. This pattern is much used in baby blankets, it is what they will find quite because they are cute and delicate, remembering that for baby’s pieces should use soft yarns to not irritate the skin.

The most common mesh models attract a lot of attention. Looking for a beautiful and fluffy pattern, this is a good model, you can do and be enchanted by the result, it is but a crochet point that is even more elegant. About the color you can do as you prefer, if it is for gift you can do according to the person you prefer, the preferred color of it, if it is to sell it is necessary to have several models and colors as well so more chances to please more customers.

You can also do various other things and other models with this stitch that is wonderful and looks like quilts, you can make beautiful shawls, blankets, tablecloths, pillowcases, baby blankets, cushion covers, whatever you prefer. You can spot that meringue on many products. As I always say, just use your creativity.

I left you the tutorial of this totally complete pattern with the graphic to make this pattern that many people prefer graphics and I also left the link with the written step by step and also leave a video with the step by step to help to understand more with video . The photo as inspiration to make beautiful pieces. Finally you have all the information here to make this beautiful pattern, do not miss the oprtunidade and until the next pattern.

 Pattern Free Download –  PDF Free Meringue Baby Blanket 


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