Crochet Dragon Gloves

Hello welcome to all who always accompany us here on the site and also if it is your first time here is very welcome, here we talk about crafts made with fabrics and threads. I hope you enjoy many beautiful things here, tips, news, patterns of all levels of crafts, videos tutorials anyway, enjoy. Get a little absent more is because of the end of the year, it ends up failing to update the site for you but I believe that you also had a year-end with many celebrations and rush.

I love the end of the year because it is the moment where we stay with our family, we see friends and relatives that we have not seen the times, we laugh, we have dinner together, we tell the news and what we have done, we laugh at things we did in the past, speak the truth rsrs .. is a very good time that we spent with family and friends, moment of distraction and rest. I hope your year-end has also been good and rested well to start the year with various projects and to make those we have always saved in our portfolio of upcoming projects.

Well then let’s start by bringing a new pattern to you, let’s start our year with news. I have many good things for you. Today’s pattern is crochet and it’s a piece that I’ve been asked to warm up in the winter that is the Crochet Dragon Gloves.

On the Pattern

The world of crochet is always renewed and invents new patterns, I have seen on the internet a lot of different types of crochet gloves and I decided to separate one to share with you, and the one I chose is very popular, very popular among the gloves and this one increasing. This option is great to give as a gift to those we love or also to increase your sales further diversifying your store, is a lovely piece because it has crocodile stitches that leaves a very cool design looking like mermaid tail because it looks scales. This crocodile point is used in blankets, purses, shawls and now also in gloves.

It is an intermediate level pattern but nothing that your determination does not help and can do, so enjoy and learn how to make these gloves. Of the best of yourself in everything you do so will have a wonderful result. You can make the color you prefer, there are a multitude of options to make with the gloves, you can use 1 or more colors, make color or tone on tone or even use those colored lines and with glitter also looks beautiful. 

This glove is great for the winter and has two functions as well as the Shawls that is to warm us and also leave more elegant your clothes, beautiful item and that does not go out of fashion is perfectly excellent. The girls love it and can enjoy it. The color blends give a bright and different pattern. These dragon gloves are always a great success and remain so because several people asked me for this pattern last year and here it is. 

Abbreviations: (in US terminology)

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
st or sts = stitch or stitches sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
dec = decrease
yo = yarn over

Below I leave the tutorial written that I found of this incredible pattern and also leave a pattern in PDF if you prefer. I hope you like it the way I did.

Pattern Written Free 👉 Crochet Dragon Gloves💕

                                                                            Pattern Free PDF👉 Crochet Dragon Gloves 💕

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