Crochet Block a Week Cal

The crochet is a kind of craftsmanship made with a special needle, equipped with a hook. It consists of producing a braid similar to that of a lacy knit. Tunisian crochet is a technique similar to manual knitting, but is performed with a single needle with an end hook, such as the traditional crochet needle. There are several needle numbers for performing a crochet job. They differ according to the width of the wire used. The word “crochet” comes from the medieval French croké, a term that used to refer to a curved iron instrument, a kind of hook, which allowed suspending or holding something.

No one is sure when or where the crochet started. According to historians the crochet work originates in Prehistory. The Danish writer Lis Paludan tried to discover the origin of the crochet in Europe and founded some theories. The most likely one is that crochet originated in Arabia and arrived in Spain along the Mediterranean trade routes. There are also later indications of technique in South American tribes, who wore crochet decorations at puberty rituals. There is no concrete evidence as to how ancient the art of crochet is.

I learned the first crochet points at 6 years ago, it was because I was curious and always wanted to learn because my mother does not crochet but I myself had the desire to learn. The first thing I learned was the essential points and then it was what we always learned to do in the beginning that are square. This is how you begin to learn crochet by practicing every stitch.

My maternal grandmother is a crocheteira with a full hand, always in the afternoon she would sit with her ball of thread and that little silver needle, weaving her crochet pieces. And how many quilts made that are still whole today, being part of the family story in their daughters’ house. But I confess to you, that close to her, I did not even come to 10% of this art, being my preference the fillet crochet, because the works with only current and high points, transform the wires into beautiful works without so much difficulty.

Today’s pattern is crochet, I was searching here on my computer on the internet something beautiful and different that I did not have here for you despite having many things, countless patterns that exist of crochet. For those who know and follow the site at a time, you know that I love crochet, I think it is a very beautiful art and it is 100% made with hands and the results of the work are wonderful.

Today’s pattern name is Block a Week CAL, it’s a beautiful art that many people are making and beautiful quilts are being born and being part of mine and their memories. This pattern is very satisfying to finish every detail made of an effect on the whole work.

If you are interested in this pattern, take advantage of the step by step tutorial with the free tutorial that I have left for you below. In the photos are some inspirations of colors that can be made but it stays your will of colors and sizes that will depend on the amount of squares that you put together. Good work, everyone.

Pattern Crochet Written ⇝ Block a Week Cal

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