Crochet Blanket – Shell Stitch Tutorial

This work is well known by our grandparents for being something very old but has become quite contemporary. Today one of the things in which women most love women crocheted blankets. The choncha point blanket is very simple to work with and its result is very beautiful, usually made in two shades of color but you can use as many colors as you want, even a color only, worth using your creativity. The size can also be according to your desire. This type of work is quite done in carpets too, you can work in one of these two type according to what interests you most and in both models they are simply beautiful.

Crochet quilted dot quilts give that unique detralhe to your bed, with this effect that causes it to be enchanting and not to mention that leaves it warm for when to lie down because the greatest joy and satisfaction is when we can see the end of the finished work, and knowing that you will have a quilt for the rest of your life. Crochet is a type of antique craftsmanship and considered classic. In addition, making items using this practice can also be a form of therapy. If you decide to make your own crochet quilt, for example, you’ll be hours, maybe even days doing this and in the end will see ready something that you did with your own hands. Yes, the feeling is as incredible as it sounds! and not to mention that crocheted bedspreads behind the air of warmth that all people love.

Whether in bed or on the couch, in winter we always want to be under warm blankets. Crochet bedspreads, in addition to super comfortable and warm, still bring a lot of style to your home decor. Be up the bed, finishing the coverage of the sheets and duvets, or the sofa, accompanied by cushions to leave the space super cozy.

CROCHET: Shell stitch tutorial | Bella Coco

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