Crochet Ballet Shoes

Hello friends, good to see you here!!! When we watch a ballet performance we are so delighted that our eyes dance along with the dancers. It’s all so beautiful, but we can’t help but notice the small details of the composition, between clothes and sneakers.

When we look at a ballerina’s feet, the impression is that those shoes are tight on her feet, but this detail is just an impression. And with that in mind, today I bring you a crochet ballet shoe pattern.

A beautiful and delicate pattern that will delight many ballerinas. Very easy to make, it can be considered a model for beginners, today we will learn another crochet embroidered piece to make it for future dancers, something light, comfortable, different and very beautiful.
In my point of view, this model of sneaker is more comfortable because the foot is much lighter and doesn’t squeeze like some models of sneakers made of other materials.

The sneakers are very stylish, so feel free to make them in whatever color you want to wear. Explore your creativity. It will be a differential in the dancers’ style, everyone will notice that there is a different piece in the composition of the costume, a beautiful, delicate and very creative piece.

Measurements are based on the foot, that is, measure the length of your foot and the height of the shoe. It is measured by the heel, measure from the middle of the sole of the heel to where you want the shoe to cover, usually to just below the ankle and multiply by 2.
The cold is coming and we can also make this model to stay at home, make our feet warmer, comfortable and warm for the winter.

If you already have a little practice in crochet, you can adapt this same pattern to different sizes, for children and babies. Study the step by step carefully, this model is very easy, but it is always necessary to read the complete pattern before starting to do it.

I would like to thank Ashlea for creating such a beautiful and delicate pattern for our feet.
In the winter season we can make an extra profit selling these sneakers, I’m sure the public will like it, because in addition to warming the foot, it’s very comfortable to walk inside the house. These sneakers were also perfect for babies, you can make them in smaller sizes.

This sneaker model can be applied to apply flowers, stones, heart, you can put ribbons to decorate. It will make the sneaker even more beautiful with appliqués made in crochet too.
As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this model is not suitable for going out because it does not have a sole like conventional shoes, it is suitable for indoor use only.

So use your creativity to embroider beautiful sneakers with different models to please your customers or their families. Everything will come out perfectly correct, just follow the pattern explanation.

Practice crochet as therapy or a hobby to distract your mind and make you more relaxed and calm. Just be patient to be able to embroider beautiful pieces with the art of crochet.
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Below is the link with the complete step-by-step pattern of ballet shoes:

Crochet Ballet Shoes Pattern

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